Alumni homecoming before I graduated from college and red nails (no. 83 and 109)

Our batch was fortunate enough to graduate at the same time that the school is celebrating its 100th year foundation. Hence, we were dubbed as centennial graduates. A bit hard on our part because we had to excel. Anyway, I was able to attend two alumni homecomings even before I received my diploma.

The first one was exclusively for the nursing graduates of St. Paul University Manila. Nursing students have always been somewhat of an outcast in the institution. We do not get to mingle with other students outside our college because of our busy and weird schedule and loads. Our batch was assigned to facilitate the homecoming and I think we did a pretty decent job given the short notice.

The dress code for that night was vibrant green because green is the color of the college. Since green dresses alone were not very popular, much more vibrant green, a couple of attendees found themselves wearing the exact same clothes as others. But no one over reacted and everyone just laughed about what was inevitable.

The pictures have poor quality because I just grabbed them from Facebook and I am saving up storage space in this blog (no money for the space upgrade). The OC in me changed the pics, one by one for better quality.

Dutymates, at one point in time.

SONY DSCChabsie who was being Chabsie that night.

SONY DSCFriends.

SONY DSCSONY DSCWith Twin. We started calling each other that in first year because he said we have the same brain.

SONY DSCThe program was a bit long and boring because it was full of speeches and presentations plus an election for incoming Alumni Officers (which we were too innocent to participate). While all of that happened, I took silly pictures with Rochelle and Hands Down.

SONY DSC309 loves Trixie and Jen.

SONY DSCWhile in queue for the food, we spotted Ramm and we immediately had a picture taken with him. You see, in St. Paul Manila, the XY chromosome is an endangered specie.

SONY DSCThe event was held at the second floor of the HRM Training Center Building.

SONY DSCBoys in a maangas pose.

SONY DSCPlus Trixie and me.

SONY DSCAfter a few days, the Grand Centennial Alumni Homecoming of St. Paul University Manila was held at SMX Convention Center in Pasay to conclude the 100th year celebration. The ticket for the event worth 1,000 pesos was already part of the miscellaneous fees we paid for during the semester. We weren’t required to go but who wouldn’t when you already paid for an expensive ticket?

My batch mates with our beloved Dean (rightmost).

SONY DSCWith my dutylicious. Hope we’d still be this close when we see each other in future homecomings.

SONY DSCIt was truly a reunion because I saw my room mates when I was still a dormer way back in first year. Ate Mae. Rani. Ate Clarisse. Ate Dianne. Too bad 1/2 of room 206 wasn’t able to come. I miss you ate Ces, Ate Joy, Ate Tine and Ate Bel!

SONY DSCLCC boys looking good in their suits plus Sir Tancinco.

SONY DSCWith G.Girls. One of my first friends in college. I wish my Dudee Karla was there.

SONY DSCWith first year buddies Trix and Dams. Dar was MIA. These were the people who went all the way to Taguig with me just to eat at Yellowcab. Who traveled to another mall when the place we were going to eat at has a branch comfortably located in our school’s annex, Robinson’s Manila.

SONY DSCWe were too busy taking lots of pictures I don’t remember what the program was about. We had our own world at the back of the venue. The only proof that it was indeed a homecoming was this picture taken at a photobooth stationed outside.

alumni (17)The food was good though the queue was long and our group had some heated argument with other degree programs because they allegedly said we were cutting in line (I swear we didn’t).

That day, I wore a black dress because black dresses are obese peoples’ best friends. Since I did not know a thing about putting on make-up, I opted for an eyeliner and the reddest lipstick I could find. And because I have no collection of accessories whatsoever, I just let my sister paint my nails red. It was the first time I painted my fingernails in any color because I am not fond of nail polish. I had the notion that they only looked good on long nails and I always cut mine short (hygiene). Well, it was cute and I might do it again. I forgot to take a picture showing the nails properly. This was the best I could find.

SONY DSC5, 10, 20 years from now I wonder what would change and what would stay the same.


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