no. 24 and 25 – the Final Set experience

The post I wrote on March 11, 2009 in the-now-a-marketplace Multiply (pardon my use of too many “hahas”).

One of the things I wished to do was to watch an eraserheads’ reunion concert.

Years ago, I wasn’t sure if it’s possible.

Months ago, I was frustrated since I missed the ‘one night only’ reunion concert.

But on March 7, with my bronze ticket…I became part of history.

It was the first concert I attended. I didn’t know my 300 php was “very far”. haha. I didn’t know there’ll be that many people. I didn’t know that freaking advertisements run a hundred times before the concert. I didn’t know that Filipino time is applied even in such events. I didn’t know cigarettes are allowed inside the venue. I didn’t know there will be no phone signal. So even before Ely and his company came out, I was sort of not in a good mood.

The factor that greatly contributed to that is the fact that Kirk is giving me a gold ticket for free but I GLADLY declined it because of my sister…argh! (alam mo yung ganyan ka sana kalapit? argh!)

Yes, I watched the whole concert on the screen. Haha. Funny but I still feel very elated. There’s no substitute for the real thing and it was fun shouting and singing and raising your hands and feeling the ground move when people jump simultaneously. Haha.

No climactic countdown…

Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T, S, R, Q, P, O, N, M, L, K, J, I, H, G, F, E!
Naalala ko comment ng katabi ko nung nag”leletterdown” na, “Techno na pala ang eheads ngayon!”

SET 1: Magasin, Walang nagbago, Maling akala, Maskara, Poorman’s grave, Waiting for the bus, Huwag mo ng itanong (Marcus’ reggae version, super cool), Raimund on vocals: Slo mo, alcohol, insomya, Ely: torpedo

SET 2: Julie tearjerky, Tikman, Wishing well, Fine time, pare ko, kalian (solo ni Ely…GWAPO! haha), Back 2 me, trip to Jerusalem, spoliarium, overdrive…tapos sabi ni Ely, GOODBYE! THANK YOU!. Haha

SET 3: Superproxy (tribute to Francis M.), Minsan, Alapaap. Sabi ulit ni Ely, WE ARE THE ERASERHEADS! THANK YOU!

SET 4: Kaleidoscope World…huling El Bimbo (he set his old piano on fire…may fireworks display…haha) group ‘bow”!

Bukas na ang gate…nakalabas na ang mga tao…biglang bumalik si Ely…GUSTO NIYO PA? TAWAGIN NIYO SI MARCUS! So….tuloy ang ligaya at naguunahang pumasok ang mga tao sa venue…Ligaya…Sembreak…Toyang…

Ilang linggong paghihintay…1 oras na trapik papuntang MoA…2 oras na pagtitiis sa advertisement…2 oras na trapik pauwi…2 oras na ligaya. kahit papano, dama mong nasa alapaap ka…saya saya saya saya.=D

Iba talaga ang eheads, ibang iba. Walang kapantay (dito sa pilipinas ah…sa liverpool kasi meron eh.haha). Yun lang masasabi ko. Hehe. LSS tuloy ako…=D

To add fuel to the fire, a few days after the concert, Abi approached me after reading the post above and said I should have told her I was an Eraserheads fan because her mom’s client gave her complimentary VIP tickets with backstage passes. It went unused to the trash bin when her mom noticed that the concert was already done. Imagine the stabbing pain.

Here is a picture of my bronze ticket.

Anyway, no. 24 is to “watch an Eraserheads concert” which I am gladly and proudly part of (because it IS their final set though I very much wish there’d be another one. I’d shell out moolah for a decent ticket if ever) and no. 25 is “Attend one really huge Rock/RnB concert”.

The Eraserheads was a Filipino rock band and the conclusion to their unfinished reunion concert (after not playing for more or less 6 years) according to an MTV VJ was attended by more than a hundred thousand fans, thus making history.

The band will always be part of me and I will continue to listen to them (and discover their lesser known songs) even if the members have gone separate ways. Ely even set fire to his piano Sticker Happy during the concert which was tantamount to what millions of their fans, including me, were probably waiting for, closure.


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