The adjacent Shawarma Snack Center

While I was exploring foursquare, I got curious with Shawarma Snack Center because it was listed as #1 in the most recommended restaurants near my location. I have planned on visiting the place but I could not find a willing companion. Given that it was in some of the more uncomfortable part of Malate for me, I couldn’t go alone. One time, after my mother and I bought stuff at Rob Manila, I decided to finally force my mother to come with me.

The place is located at Salas st., if you leave Robinson’s Manila through the Adriatico exit (via the supermarket or Burger king), just walk straight ahead from the street where a condominium is being built. The sign Shawarma Snack Center is big enough that missing it means you have poor eyesight. There are two adjacent restaurants bearing the SSC name and I think the owner is one and the same. When standing with your back at Rob Manila, the one on your left side is the more “sosyal” version — air conditioned, comfy chairs, second floor, etc. On your right is the cheaper version and that was where we ate.

Just like what I said, I was uncomfortable with the area so I did not dare bring out my camera. The pictures are from my iPod touch hence, poor quality. This was the view of the more sosyal counterpart from where we were seating.

I ordered beef kebab and it came with a huge roti, vegetables, grilled tomato, and onions. For 250 pesos, it was good for two people. I wasn’t an omnivore enough yet to eat the veggies so I let my mom taste them and she said they were good. The beef was tender, spicy and not dry. Though I saw greens inside the kebab, I still ate the whole thing because I couldn’t taste any “plants” anyway. The roti was warm when served and it complemented the kebab perfectly though after a couple of minutes, it started to harden.

We also had hummus as dip. This one was good because it lessened the strong flavor of the kebab as well as added a new and interesting texture to the meal. I think that it was a bit expensive at 105 pesos though.

I ordered regular shawarma for my mother (55 php) but she was too full to eat so we just brought it home. I don’t know whether it was eaten or thrown away.

All in all Shawarma Snack Center is good and I can tell from the number of multi-racial customers that the foods served were authentic Mediterranean and not Filipinized (almost all foreign dishes have this version in malls). Also, the center is open 24 hours. How awesome is that? Crave for kebab at 3 in the morning and there’s a place open for you. I like 24 hour restaurants because I just am sick of having no other choice but McDonald’s during the wee hours.

Because my mom and I were in a hurry and already half-full from all the pika pika food we ate at Robinsons (siomai, fries, ice cream, yogurt), I wasn’t able to go through the menu extensively. I just ordered what I saw first at the counter. Next time, I’m thinking of bringing Dar (because he is a Muslim and the place is Halal) and ordering Biryani, Ox Brain, and Rendang (because I haven’t gotten over the one Jy let me taste way back in second year college). Annnnd I think I’m gonna eat at the sosyal version across the street because they have Shisha!


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