I love Roti Mum but Hainanese Delights took its place (literally)

I hated the newly opened Hainanese Delights at Robinsons Manila because it was located at the exact stall where Roti Mum was. The allegedly Best Coffee Bun in Singapore closed its branch just after selling their very delicious products at 50% off for their anniversary. I was sad because I really like Roti Mum even if the place is always deserted. The aromatic bun with crusted coffee on top, the cotton-soft inside producing smoke when you break it in half and the buttery bottom, oh so good.

Hainanese Delights offers unlimited rice with an order of their dish so I had to set aside my dislike to give in to my tummy’s desire. Hainanese chicken, according to their website, is Singapore’s National Dish and the company’s vision is to expand the palette of the average Filipino by introducing affordable Singaporean cuisine to the general public. Whew.

I ordered Hainanese Delights for 120 pesos and I must say it was affordable for it includes an unlimited serving of Hainanese rice plus 1/4 of medium-sized chicken. The difference of this rice from plain rice is the fact that it was cooked using chicken broth. The meat was tender and rightly seasoned. The skin, though not fried, was equally fine. If you’re like me who can’t help but add seasoning to everything that you eat, be happy because soy sauce, garlic and etcetera are provided.

SONY DSCJaq had Hot Chick which was very spicy. All the chickens served were thigh part and that was good because I am not fond of white meat. On anther visit, I tried their Chicken Heaven, practically chicken coated with BBQ  sauce and I liked it better than the original Hainanese Delights because I have Pinoy taste buds and we like our food richly flavored aka salty.

SONY DSCI also tried Pork Bites, hot soup and noodles with small and tender pork bits. Just by looking at the picture, you’d conclude that it was not good. When you read “hot soup” in the menu, you expect the dish to be served in that state. Also, the broth used was the same as the free bowl of soup you get when you order their rice meals. How did I know? I asked for a refill and they used the exact same container. Plus, the noodles were glued together I wondered how hard it was for the cook to separate them, aside from the fact that they tasted like bad pasta to me. Ekkk, don’t ever order this one.

SONY DSCTheir menu was extensive and I have yet to try some promising items like Dumplings and Kutchay and Beef noodles (which I hope tastes better). Will try those next time.

Buddies and our Taro drinks from Quickly because Hainanese’ branch at Rob was newly opened at that time, all drinks were still unavailable.

SONY DSCNote to self: Avoid taking portrait pictures and then rotating them. Annoying.


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