Texas + Jamba

Texas Roadhouse Grill is located at Bonifacio High Street. The interior is cool, gives you the rodeo vibe though tables are a bit near to each other you cannot walk without bumping into someone or something. Plus, the acoustics are bad.

SONY DSCThey served dry roasted peanuts while we were waiting for our orders. The peanut was good but I like the steamed version they sell along Pedro Gil better because they are easier to open and eat.

SONY DSCMost of us ordered country-steak burger steak with mashed potato and corn and I had an extra order of rice. The corn was butter-y and perfect while the mashed potato had too much garlic. The meat itself was good but forgettable.

SONY DSCJaq had Grilled Chicken with Mushroom and she seemed to enjoy her meal. She loves her greens.

SONY DSCAfter the protein and carbo-loaded dinner, we headed for Jamba Juice to atone. The place was full so we had to wait for a couple of minutes before having a table. We ordered an assortment of Jamba’s secret smoothies — the white, red, and blue gummy bears.

SONY DSCMaybe I am just not used to 100% fruit juices and healthy drinks but white gummy bear tasted like Tempra (a brand of paracetamol syrup) for me, something I was forced to drink when I was a kid and had fever. The good side tho, no hint of guilt even if I ordered the biggest size.

SONY DSCAbi. Rani. Jaq. Rochelle. Dai.



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