Racks is one of those places where eating alone sucks but eating with a group is advisable because alone, you can spend up to 400 pesos while eating with a group, your tummy full and ready to burst can cost you as low as 250 pesos thanks to their family platters. Two favorites of mine are Ribs and Chicken and Surf ‘n’ Turf. Ribs and Chicken platter is good for 5 to 6 people and it includes a combination of pork ribs, baby back ribs and hickory smoked chicken plus two side dishes, rice and a pitcher of drinks all for more or less 1,500 pesos. Surf ‘n’ Turf on one hand is good for 9 to 10 people and it includes pork ribs, carbonara, 3 sides, rice, fish and chips and 2 pitchers of drinks at more or less 2,000 php.

My favorite side dish is their mashed potato especially when paired with the delicious gravy.

racks-3The Carbonara was also good tho I’m afraid you cannot have too much even if you want to because it’s very creamy and heavy.

SONY DSCI am not very fond of their fish and chips except for the sauce and the gravy fries but it was filling. Guess I’m just predisposed to love meat.

SONY DSCRacks has their own barbeque sauce that comes in original and extra hot flavors. I suggest you mix the two because the extra hot was really spicy. I made the mistake of pouring it instead of the regular sauce and I ended up drinking lots of water and feeling full. Okay, I may be a bit over reacting but I am not really used to spicy food before (I’m starting to appreciate).

racks-1This is the rib and chicken platter. The chicken is okay and the pork is good especially when you are able to separate the fat with oozing oil from the meat part. The best is the beef because it’s so tender chewing does not need effort at all and the meat easily falls off the bone. Also, it’s less oily than the pork. It tastes like a really delicious and juicy corned beef.

racks-2Racks is good though you’d have to justify your actions when, after the sumptuous meal, you are asked the question by your superego, “why did you do this to us?” or “how will we burn all of those?”.

Lastly, the Mudpie is great! Heck, everything with vanilla ice cream and whip cream is great.


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