I love Yellow Cab no matter what

There’s something about yellow cab that gets me. Even if their pizzas are oily. Heck, even if everything in their menu is oily (except ice cream). Maybe because I unconsciously relate the brand to nostalgia, with moments spent on the store with good friends having good conversations that last for hours. Trix, Dar and I used to eat here during special occasions during my first years in college. Dams celebrated his birthday here once and the place was full of friends. I myself spent a birthday, my 17th, here with my lovely room mates (which feels like so long ago). Once, we had an 18-inch pizza and 12 hot wings delivered to Dai’s condo and it was a great, great night. The most recent though, was when Chabs, Tords and I ate dinner here after getting lost around Ortigas for Dai’s Shisha birthday gift.

I’m going to post my favorites in their menu. Favorites as in I order them whenever I can. They’re so familiar Tords, Chabs and I already know that the bill will be around 1500 pesos. Yellow Cab is a luxury, Yellow Cab is special.

First is their Sola Iced Tea. Yeah, I know you can buy this in all 7-eleven stores but whenever I see one, I am reminded of YC with matching ice chips-filled plastic cups. And a nice-to-know information from Adams: Sola is also the title of an anime series and the word is derived from “Sora” which means “sky” in Japanese. Plus, when you read it backwards, it’s Al-os which is Adams’ last name. ktnxbye.

SONY DSCTheir ice creams are also delicious. Strawberry is not very sweet. Pistachio is good and of course, my favorite vanilla is the best. Plus, the containers are really cute. And they are served right from the freezer so they’re a bit hard (one of the grossest things in the world to eat is melted ice cream).

SONY DSCAs I’ve said, pizzas are oily. Very oily you need to consume one as fast as possible or else. But I love them anyway. My two most favorite flavors are NY Classic and #4 Cheese. I can finish the smallest size all by myself. And the three of us can finish the 15 inch.

SONY DSCHot wings is another favorite. This dish taught me how to love spicy foods. Eat with your bare hands then lick the oil off your fingers afterwards. The deliciousness of this particular item in their menu is inconsistent. Sometimes the meat is juicy and the spiciness is close to perfection. Otherwise it’s dry and not spicy at all. Oh, well.

SONY DSCAnd my most favorite of all *drumrolls* twice baked potato halves. Three things I love are potatoes, cheese and bacon. Put them all together and add sour cream dip and there’s nothing more I could ask for. The only two negative things I can say about these are (1) they’re really oily you have, just like their pizza, to finish as fast as possible or they become saggy and (2) you have to chew really hard so your masseters tire after two potatoes even if your mind screams for more.

SONY DSCGive us those and we’ll surely be happy (plus a little charlie chan pasta). We can always look past the oiliness as long as we’re with good company.



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