Holy what?

The first time I ate at Holy Cow! I was with Tords and Dai and we availed their steak-all-you-can promo. For 599 pesos per person, no left over and no sharing, you get unlimited US Blade Steak and Grilled Pork Chop plus buttered veggies and bottomless iced tea. That was after class and we were only supposed to eat a regular meal but the waiter’s persuasion was very effective. Unfortunately, Rib-eye steak was not part of the promo. We promised to make the most out of our 599-peso meal. After almost 2 hours, 4 blade steaks and 3 pork chops for me, 5 blade steaks and 1 pork chop for Dai and I think 2 each for Tords, we gave up. Also, Dai was rooting for her name to be placed in the hall of fame for most iced tea refills. The current title holder at that time had 20 iced tea refills. Dammit, our refills combined won’t even stand a chance.

Grilled pork chops were so-so. It was the blade steak that was good, bloody and medium rare. We promised to fast on protein after that but of course that was only as good as the next meal.

The next time we went there Chabs and Wu tagged along. Dai had this plate which I already forgot the name of. She only liked the darker meat and took only one bite of the lighter one. The rice was a bit oily, I prefer plain. The buttered veggies were good tho except the carrots because I don’t eat those.

SONY DSCThe rest of us had Lonestar grilled porkchop. When the first meat you’ve tried at Holy Cow is the blade steak, this porkchop seemed stale in comparison.

SONY DSCGood thing their gravy is very delicious it can make even the palest meat wonderful. Also, they have the A1 sauce as well as Tabasco hot sauce so you’re good to go. The serving of mashed potato is huge especially when you still have rice so two can share. It’s good but not as good as Racks’. Dai loved their Mudpie Sundae but I found it too sweet and chocolate-y.

SONY DSCWu looking funny at Dai while she was acting the story she was telling.

SONY DSCChabs when she was not yet chabs (chubby) and Tords before her latest rebond.


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