Cheaper Mango Bravo alternative: Mango Symphony

One day the four of us were hiding from someone to the point of staying at Dai’s room in her condo with the lights out and without making any noise. When we were sure that the scene was safe, we went down to business. The business involved a fleet enema and I will not describe all that had happened because it’s too personal and it was special, like a sacred ritual that the four of us shared. Anyway, after that we went to Manila Doctors Hospital for an appointment. After an hour, there was still a long day ahead so we decided to do what we did best: eat. Unfortunately, we were all short on money and our financier Dai had not received her allowance yet. In the hospital’s lobby we combined all the moolah we had down to the last centavo only leaving enough for fare on our way home. Now that’s the spirit of friendship.

SONY DSCSince our money was not that much, we decided to have late lunch at the nearby Chic-Boy. And I did not bother to take pictures nor write something about the things we ate because Chic-Boy is so popular you’re a loser if you live in Manila and haven’t tried eating there. It’s better than Mang Inasal in terms of variety but we still crave for Mang Inasal’s Chicken. I just hope Chic-Boy sustains its good beginnings because the last time I ate there, the service was bad, the food was less than what they served when they first opened and CB-6 Cebu Lechon Liempo costed 115 php when it was only 99 pesos before. I think two reasons why food chains/restaurants close prematurely are (1) bad food and bad service and (2) inability to maintain a good name. It’s like a curve, they raise to fame then there’s the rapid deceleration.

After Chic-Boy, we went back to Robinson’s Place Manila for desserts. We decided on cakes and while passing through the shops in Midtown, we saw Caramia. The staff was nice and we are suckers for nice waiters so we gave it a try. Cara Mia is Italian for “My Dear” and they serve a variety of Gelato-related desserts like cakes, shakes and Affogato. The cakes on display were good looking but we have long ago learned that delicious looks can be deceiving. We asked the waiter what their best sellers were and ordered those.

SONY DSCWe had four different slices of Gelato cakes. Only one was bad but I forgot what the other two delicious cakes were called because Mango Symphony stole the spotlight.

SONY DSCThe first reaction when I took a bite was “it tastes like Conti’s Mango Bravo!”. But it has been a while since I had that cake so my comparison is not reliable.  Nevertheless, Mango Symphony was light and sweet and it helped that it’s a combination of Gelato (Italian ice cream) and cake because it was more bearable for me than pure cake. Plus the base was made of graham crust. Serving was big and very worth it at 95 pesos per slice. The bad thing about Mango Symphony is that it melts easily but that would not be a problem because you’d find yourself taking bite after bite you’d finish an order before the melting happens.

SONY DSCCaramia also serves affogato, a coffee-based beverage usually in the form of Gelato served with hot espresso. None of us are coffee persons so we let that pass. What we tried is their pizza and it was delicious, cheesy and not oily. Great when combined with their cakes.

SONY DSCSince that first time, we kept coming back to CaraMia for the Mango Symphony and the pizza. :]

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