Birthday at Burgoo

Spent my schwester’s birthday at Burgoo. More than trying the food, we wanted to doodle on their tables. We ate at the Mall of Asia branch. The place was huge but almost deserted which won plus points for me because the feeling that those on the other table can hear our conversation makes me uncomfortable. One paranoid being right here!

SONY DSCWe had Cheddar Cheese fries and it was enough for me that the fries were not sagging. The bacon was a bit overcooked and hard to chew. It reminded me of a second-rate version of Chocolate Spoon’s Chili con Carne fries. Now, that was good.

SONY DSCCarbonara, a combination of bacon and mushroom in Alfredo sauce, was next. Their serving was big even the regular portion can be shared by 2 people. Nothing extraordinary.

SONY DSCWe also shared in an order of grilled pork chop served with rice pilaf and mashed potatoes because it was their best seller. The meat was tender. The mashed potato was not mashed thoroughly because there were still big chunks. The rice pilaf was great it can stand alone even without a viand.

SONY DSCWe ordered their supreme pizza composed of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, bell peppers and onions even if I wanted to try their veggie-free item because Pangs wanted all those ingredients. It arrived late and we were already full from the previous items so it was not properly appreciated. Besides, Pangs and I preferr thin-crust pizzas because thick dough just ain’t right.

SONY DSCPangs, Rani, Ronz.

SONY DSCPangs wrote this for schwester. His handwriting is bad. My handwriting sucks too. Like father, like daughter.

SONY DSCThe staff were kind enough to sing a happy birthday to my schwester and they even gave her complimentary dessert, a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. As vanilla ice creams always are, delicioso! Happy birthday schwester! :]



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