7 things about Arya

1. When you dine in at night, try going al fresco because the music played inside makes the place un-conducive for a proper conversation and these throw pillows are really comfortable Dai and I practically lounged there as if we were at home. Just beware of beggars that are present almost everywhere in the Metro but are unusually dense in the Malate area (clue: foreigners and beggars are directly proportional). SONY DSC2. When you decide to go al fresco, this will be your view. And I am being biased here because Robinson’s Place Manila is my favorite mall. I have spent the last 4 years of my life here. It’s convenient, there’s the pang-masa (pedro gil/padre faura) and the pang-sosyal (Midtown) areas and it looks good at night. SONY DSC3. Arya waiters wear this. And even if you don’t find it pretty (I do), just give them credit for the effort. SONY DSC4. A waiter told us that instead of water and flavoring, he tried putting beer in Shisha and smoking it was the best, like you are high on drugs. Anyway, non-alcoholic drinks are served and some are too fragrant it reminded me of riding air conditioned buses which made me nauseated when I was younger while others are quite good. I forgot what is what and which is which. SONY DSC5. Moussaka is an eggplant-based dish. I did not know this until I had a couple of bites (at first I thought it was just some kind of Mediterranean lasagna). It was good though I did not have anything to compare it to because this is the first Moussaka of my life. The triangular shaped breads somehow made the meal more bearable. You see, I still don’t eat vegetables and even if I liked a dish, knowing afterwards that it has non-meat contents changes the way I perceive it as well as the probability that I will eat it again. SONY DSC6. If you are first timers like us, the Kebab Platter is a good choice because it includes beef, chicken and lamb. SONY DSC7. Annndddddd a Mediterranean meal is not complete without a Hookah or more popularly known in the Philippines as Shisha. I have tried a couple of Shishas from different places but I like the one in Arya the most because it doesn’t elicit my cough reflex and the smoke moves in and out of my lungs smoothly. Plus, you can really taste the flavor. I don’t smoke cigarette so I compensate with this but I read an article saying Shisha is 200 times more dangerous than cigars because you are inhaling flavored Tobacco. I need to research further on that. For the meantime, I am Shisha-free. Or, since I am just fascinated with the smoke, I can have Hookah as long as the content is plain water or juice (or beer just like what the waiter suggested). SONY DSC


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