Peanut Butter and Co

First tried this place out of curiosity. Chabs, Tords and I were eating at ChickenCharlie. Suddenly, we decided to put into the open the gluttony that is within us so we braved a rush hour traffic and went to Mall of Asia. When we arrived, we walked along the strip where there were lots of restaurants in search for a place to eat. We Β stopped in front of a place intriguingly designed in simple white and brown. Peanut Butter and Co., says the sign.

True to the name, almost every item in the menu contains peanut butter. I am not the biggest fan of peanut butter and I am not sure I’d like it with my, let’s say pasta but substituting the ingredient out of my sandwich would defeat the sole purpose of eating in the place. I didn’t want to be “KJ”.

SONY DSCI asked what their best seller was and the staff said Marshmallow Peanut Butter sandwich so I ordered one. BTW, you can order half a sandwich or whole. For first timers, I suggest ordering half so you can enjoy two different flavors. If it’s your second, I bet you’d just order one whole of your favorite.

SONY DSCWhich for me was Marshmallow PB Sandwich. Not that I have tried everything on their menu. I am just contented with this sandwich that the prospect of trying another and liking that more than this one is unbearable. The sweetness of marshmallow plus the taste of peanut butter plus the crunchiness and softness of their bread complement each other well.

SONY DSCWe also had PB Burger sans the TLC (I am still officially a carnivore) because it was also one of the best sellers. It tastes weird but not in a gross way, more like the i-thought-it-would-be-awful-but-it’s-kinda-good way. Though I love ketchup and mayonnaise in my burger, this was interesting. It was yummy but seemed regular when compared with Marshmallow PB Sandwich.

SONY DSCWe also tried Curry Chicken Spaghetti. I ordered this one and not the bestseller Fish Diablo Pasta because I like pasta, I can’t live without chicken and I love curry. It did not disappoint in terms of being palatable though again, it pales in comparison with the first two meals. More curry please.

SONY DSCChabsie ordered Peanut Butter Milkshake and it was surprisingly good. The lesson Bai (a friend from JENESYS) told me to always try everything proved to be helpful because Milk Shake and Peanut Butter are two things that don’t seem to go together. I instantly liked it I even ordered Jamba Juice’s peanut butter drink once but it failed to elicit the same smile PB and Co’s milkshake did. It was creamy and milky and peanut butter-y. Sadly, I cannot have the drink in huge amounts because it feels like a dish more than a drink.

SONY DSCTordsie. Rani. Chabsie.

SONY DSCNow I am craving for Marshmallow PB Sandwich. Will try to be resourceful and make a home-made version (I already know it will not be as good but wth).


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