I am currently on an indefinite stay in the province, away from all the fast foods and restaurants that the good old city of Manila offers.  I think it would be good for me, less preservatives and more home-cooked meals. But still, I miss and sometimes crave for all those grease and salt and artificial flavors. What can I do other than sulk for my incapacity to get my hands on said foods? I’ll just write posts about them and crave even more. I am a masochist like that.

First is NorthPark Noodle House.

Abi has been raving about this strip ever since. She said it is one of her family’s favorite restaurants. There was no branch within walking distance from either our school or where I live so I considered it far (not a fan of commuting). One day though, while we were walking along Makati (Leviste st, I think?) looking for a place to eat, lo and behold, NorthPark was there. At first, I thought the place was expensive because honestly speaking, the first thing I ask when someone recommends a restaurant is “Mahal ba?” and when I popped Abi that question, she answered “sakto lang”. Based from experience, “sakto lang” of others might equate to expensive for me. hehe. Imagine my relief and the surge of happiness that came with it when I saw the menu.

SONY DSCAbi recommended steamed rice with Soy Chicken. At 160 pesos, it was worth every cent. First off, their rice portion was big. The owners have an understanding of our race’s need for the particular carbohydrate. I repeat, RICE IS A STAPLE FOOD. Second, the serving of chicken was big as well. Actually, two people can share in one order but I was really hungry so I had one all to myself. I don’t usually eat chicken skin unless it’s fried but this one did not look gross at all so I ate it and did not regret my decision. Without the skin, the meat tastes a bit bland but unlike the blandness and dryness of other white meat, NorthPark’s is still moist and easy to chew.

SONY DSCI also had Braised Noodles with Wanton. The wanton was good (because really, almost all wantons are good to me) but the noodles were not thin enough and it did not have that soft yet crunchy texture I want (putting hot water in a cup noodle and letting it sit for only 2 minutes instead of 3). The soup was refillable, plus points!

SONY DSCAbi and Ysa, in addition to their own order of Soy Chicken also had Superior Soup Anised Beef Tendon. I had a bite and it was really good especially if you like trying new flavors. I do not recommend this dish to “smellers” (people who smell their food before eating) because the aroma can be a bit strong. Also, I realized that Anised and Star Anise are one and the same so I liked the dish even more because my father used to buy Star Anise by the kilo for our Beef Mami and I used to play with and smell them when I was a kid. Yes, there’s a hint of bias made possible by nostalgia but the food was really good.

SONY DSCMeanwhile, Dai had Super Congee. I grew up eating Congee. We had and still have congee during Noche Buena and Media Noche plus days when my parents just feel like having one. Aside from the century egg, there was nothing special with the dish. Chow King’s, in my opinion, even tastes better.

SONY DSCWe arrived there during lunch time so the place was semi-full. I like their metal tables (easy to clean and looks clean) and wooden interior. I also like the waiters’ uniforms especially the yellow head ware for easy visibility. The place is my idea of practical. You go there, eat, stay for a while, and then leave. No unnecessary decorations and whatnots.

SONY DSC Northparkers. Lastkonayun.




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