No man is an island, yes.

Thirteen was too many (plus the fact that it is, according to superstition, an unlucky number). Too many that smaller groups were inevitable. Too many that differences would be too much to not care nor talk about. Too many that misunderstandings were common. But still, I would not have gone on this trip with people other than these 12. Each individual moodiness and distinct laughter and characteristic made the trip what it was, memorable.

And so, because we haven’t been together since separating in Aling Lydia’s place more than 2 months ago and because some already went back to the states and we, who were left, are divided into Gapuz Review Center and In-House Review, I would like to say that I miss these people. Because they’re crazy. And crazy is good. Because they’re funny. And funny is great. Most of all, because they’re friends. And friends are one the best things in life.

This particular group reminds me of what Barney is to Ted. Sometimes I don’t get them, sometimes they’re too much, sometimes we don’t get along but I hang out with them anyway. :]

dddd (2) dddd (1) dddd (10) dddd (7) dddd (5) dddd (3) dddd (6) dddd (18) dddd (17) dddd (8) dddd (19) dddd (16) SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC dddd (12) dddd (13) SONY DSCThere are no such thing as perfect friendships. But still…

dddd (14)PS: Most of the pictures (the nice ones) in the HK-Macau trip are from the amazing Nicka B. :] Thanks Hands Down!

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