Pinoy foods to ice creams and canned goods

Guess what our first ever meal in HK was. Nope. Not some exotic Chinese food. It was Aling Lydia’s Adobo. It has just been merely 3 hours before we went out of the country and we already wanted Filipino food that bad. Talk about homesickness. HAHA. Though it was a bit pricey at 25 dollars, we did not care because tons of hospitality came with it.

SONY DSCAnother meal ala Aling Lydia, Adobo but this time with Tinolang Manok. Two of the dishes you would not mistake for another anywhere in the world. I really liked Aling Lydia’s store. It was the place where OFWs in the vicinity go when they suddenly want a piece of home. When we arrived, there were Pinoys renting the computer to contact their loved ones, others dropped by to buy Filipino brands. It’s like a fusion of carinderia and sari-sari store in HK.

eeeeeAfter picking up Rochelle at the airport, we roamed around Kennedy Town and found a nearby 7-eleven. Rochelle made me try Mochi Ice. It was really delicious. Like ice cream wrapped in Tikoy. Not too sweet and the solidity of the Tikoy-like covering added character to the melting ice cream in my mouth. After that, we let the others try it as well and we found ourselves looking for the brand every time we came by any convenience stores.

SONY DSCThere were also mango and lychee flavors but vanilla was the best. After coming home, Abi told me Mochi Ice is now available at SM supermarkets though the packaging was different and one larger piece was sold for 60 php. Vanilla was 11 HKD and Mango was 7 HKD.

SONY DSCWhile we were roaming around Victoria Harbor, we saw this ice cream van. Ice cream vans are cute though the image in my mind was tarnished by the movie Legion. In the film, while the actors were in a diner in the middle of the desert, the sound that stood out was the one from the ice cream van which sounded really creepy. Then the driver got out and his limbs grew long because he was possessed by an angel. Scary.

eeeee (9)We also ate street foods though it took a lot of time for me before doing so because the stalls smelled really bad, like the-intestines-were-not-cleaned-really-well-there’s-still-poop bad. And they were more expensive than expected plus the vendors were not very friendly.

SONY DSCThis hotdog wrapped in bacon for example costs 15HKD. We have far better street foods and they’re way cheaper. But you have to give them credit because they have mustard. And instead of dipping your food in a container which thousands of others have dipped theirs, bottles of sauces are provided.

SONY DSCWe once ate at Food Republic and I had this dish. You should see how it was prepared. After ordering, I saw a staff put rice on a plate. After that, without any gloves whatsoever, he got a couple of meat, chopped them and smashed them above the rice. I used “smash” because “put” is an understatement. He used his palm and there was force. I have nothing against handling foods bare hands because I believe my digestive system is too evolved to get sick on puny little microorganisms. I was just taken aback. It’s funny, actually. The meal was good but it would have been better if the meat was not too sweet because that adjective is meant for desserts. The soup, just like almost all the soups I had in HK tasted weird, borderline icky. And I did not even touch the green thing.

SONY DSCAs what is universally known, food gets more expensive when inside theme parks. Which is so sad because you have no choice (other than starve). That is, unless you sneak in food. Exactly what some of us did in Disneyland. Abi put a burger inside my bonnet and Jaq made sure a can of sausage was so deep in her bag the security officer won’t feel nor see it. Hence, when we got hungry, I just bought tacos (one of the cheapest at 30 HKD) and with Jaq, ate the said sausage with the remaining taco dip in front of the comfort room because (1) there was free potable water and (2) we were afraid we’d be caught for sneaking in ze sausage.

SONY DSCOn our last night in Hong Kong, Abi, Reyma, Nicka and I went home late because of last minute shopping. I had no plans of going with them but I had 400 dollars left and I figured clothes would make my schwester, my mother, my aunt, and manang Tess happy so I tagged along. When we arrived, we were starving and we wanted a serving of her Adobo one last time. Unfortunately, it was unavailable because Aling Lydia and her family will be leaving for China the next day. Fortunately, her Chinese husband was so kind he bought our food for us from a nearby store. There was hotdog and chicken wings and fried pork and whitish ham and steamed vegetable and a generous amount of rice good for two people at 36 HKD. Abi and I shared and she paid for my share because I got overwhelmed with Cotton On I did not realize I had nothing left when I opened my wallet. Lol. Thanks Abi! :]



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