We ate our words

Before going to Hong Kong, since we were quite over-staying at 8 days, we promised ourselves that we will not eat on fast foods especially those that have a branch in the Philippines. We said we will never set foot on restaurants and that we’ll eat like true backpackers on the street.

Of course we did not. First off, there was McDonald’s everywhere. I actually ate there four times. The first one was in Tsim Sha Tsui after settling at Venetian Hostel Kowloon. We were tired from all the commuting and were not in the mood to try dishes that are not familiar to our taste buds. We needed comfort food and comfort we got at McDonald’s.

f (8)They don’t serve any rice meals which was sad because I was craving for crispy chicken fillet with rice. I settled for double cheeseburger and I had a hard time communicating to the crew what “plain” meant. No pickles, no onions, plain! Since it’s McDonald’s, the cheeseburger tasted the same as the one we have in the Philippines but it was less oily and still juicy. You don’t get fat particles oozing out of your burger when you take a bite.

SONY DSCThe second one was at Ocean Park because other food establishments were too expensive.

f (1)The third one was in a mall where the ferry terminal going to Macau was. Again, we were tired of all the luggage pulling and the other restaurants looked expensive. The crew, despite being unable to speak English were nice (and I am a sucker for those) I even bought a promo card for 12 HKD even though I know I’ll be leaving in less than a week and I will probably not return to that particular branch.

SONY DSCAt least I get to use my card once and it looked really cute with what else but Fries as the design. If you buy something from Set A, you get anything from set B for free. So I bought an Iced Tea and I got an Oreo McFlurry for free! Edcel bought McFloat using my card and I had another Oreo McFlurry! :] The Oreo McFlurry was full of Oreo chunks, not just Oreo powder. Om nom nom.

SONY DSCThe last time I ate at McDonald’s was at the airport before leaving Hong Kong so it can be considered as my last meal there. I had hot chocolate, hash brown and sausage McMuffin with egg plus pancake from Abi. McDonald’s is one of the reasons why I cannot live healthy, obviously.

SONY DSCAside from McDonald’s, we also ate at Burger King at the Peak. Psh, so much about not eating on establishments we have back home. Burger King was not cheap but I stopped converting HKD to pesos after a day because it drains the happiness out of me. I had bacon cheeseburger, as usual.

SONY DSCAnd last but not the least, Jollibee! This one was out of impulsiveness. After arriving from Macau on April 3, we found ourselves (while again, carrying our luggage) staring at this sign and drooling. We wanted the Crispy Chicken Joy so bad.

SONY DSCExcept for tea, the menu was pretty much the same including rice, which totally made our day. I had Palabok special, friend chicken and rice. The serving was bigger and the servers were nicer. The one at the cashier was not Pinoy and it was weird saying your Jollibee order to a foreigner. Still, our tummies were satisfied.

SONY DSCJust like what Dai said, now I understand why balikbayans/OFWs can’t get enough of Jollibee when they are home.


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