Of Casino and other Macau foodstuff

See those foods on the table? Yeah, we brought them all the way to HK and then Macau from the Philippines. We figured food would be the next thing that would eat up our budget so we had a little back up plan. Too bad I was not able to take a picture of all the things we brought combined. For starters, Kirk had not one, not two, but 4 loaves of Gardenia bread. I brought 3 large cans of Vienna Sausage, Sky Flakes crackers and all the cup noodles I could get my hands on from the condo. Dams had random edible things from ready-to-eat corned beef in a sachet (which we submerged in hot water before eating) to Stick-O. Ysa had all sorts of canned goods like meatloaf. Looking back, I think it played a vital role in our survival. We never ate out during breakfast (and in Macau, not even lunch). Instead, we looked like brothers and sisters sharing whatever was left of our groceries.

SONY DSCWhen we went to Oceanus, one of the last casinos we visited, Abi, Ysa and I realized that playing slot machines, though very fun and addicting, won’t do us any good. So after getting our membership card (and blowing the free tokens that came with it), we found a restaurant and just stayed there while the others continued to try their luck. The waiter was Pinay. I don’t mind us being called domestic helpers if that is really what majority of us do outside the country. I’m not a fan of false Pinoy pride anyway.

Back to the food, we were not really hungry but it would be rude to stay there and not order. I had Hotdog sandwich with chips on the side. Bratwurst is far better. It won’t even stand a chance against Tender Juicy. I did not put the sauce because it smelled and looked like mashed veggie so the sandwich was bland. Chips were good tho, thin and crispy.

SONY DSCAbi had fries. Nothing special except the green thing on the side.

SONY DSCYsa had Garlic bread. It was almost soaked in butter so it was really good. We ate while talking and watching a muted game of soccer in a large screen. Like, Barney’s-TV-in-his-apartment large.

SONY DSCIn one food court, I had these. I forgot the name, something something ramen. The pork was delicious though I would have appreciated it more if paired with rice. The soup tasted weird. Like, you can’t decide whether it’s delicious or not and the noodles were too thick and soggy (ekkk), I prefer thin ones.

SONY DSCI also had this dimsum. I thought it was just regular dimsum but when I took a bite, soup poured out. It was delicious but messy to eat especially if you don’t know how to use chopsticks properly, like moi. I think it was supposed to be eaten in one bite but it’s too big. I later found out that these were called Xaio long bao.

SONY DSCDams and Dai had these yellow-colored rice with seafood and other whatnots. It looked good but looks can be deceiving. Two good things about their food: (1) served really hot and (2) compensated for our rice craving.

SONY DSCWhen we went to downtown Macau after visiting the Ruins of St. Paul, we decided to go wherever we wanted to and went separate ways with an agreed upon meeting place and time. Since I did not have the money nor the interest to go shopping, I looked around for something to eat and I stumbled upon Milk Top one or two blocks away from the busy streets.

SONY DSCI ordered Vanilla ice cream and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets when the vendor told me it costs 20 MOP. Geez, that’s 120 pesos for a scoop that is not that big but it was too late to cancel my order so I just savored every bite. Besides, it was good and the lady claimed they were serving home made ice creams.



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