In and around HK

This was the souvenir shop where we bought almost all of our pasalubongs. I got key chains, refrigerator magnets and a couple of chopsticks I still have not given to anyone. When I bought pasalubongs, unlike my friends, I did not have particular persons in mind. I was never big on these things ever since I almost went bollocks because of thinking too much about what to bring home to whom from Japan back in 2007. I promised myself never to do that again, to just get what I could without straining myself too much and then figure out whom to give them when I get back.

SONY DSC10 HKD notes because they are one of the cutest currencies I have seen. They’re made of plastic so even if you forget one inside a pocket and you put that piece of cloth in a washing machine, the money will still be there, unharmed and intact. Cool.

SONY DSCTrees along Victoria Harbor. Each one of us had a picture like this taken but I do not have infinite memory so I just uploaded mine. Anndddd the Clock Tower located at the southern shore of Tsim Sha Tsui (or what we fondly called TST). Learn more about the landmark here (clue: Wikipedia).

page6Then we walked along the Avenue of Stars which was like the Asian version of the Hollywood’s walk of fame. Most of the names on the stars were unfamiliar to us because they were, well, Chinese. We were very delighted when we saw Jet Li’s name. Jet Li is one of my childhood crushes. I fell in love with him in Romeo Must Die, Unleashed, and The One. I was happy to see him again in The Expendables.

fff (2)Kirk and Jaq in a really badass shot in front of Bruce Lee’s monument while a guy took their picture and another stranger looked curiously. Bruce Lee is my father’s idol (though not the ultimate because that throne belongs to Lennon). He said that when he was younger, they used to travel for an hour just to watch his films on cinemas and the lines were impossibly long. One time, he was switching through channels on our newly connected cable service when he came upon a Bruce Lee film. He then went on about how great he was in Kung Fu, how beautiful his films were and how Hollywood was head over heels with this Asian guy among other things. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t seen any of his films. I’d love to in the future.

fff (3)The busy streets of Hong Kong and this was not even taken during rush hour. Imagine.

SONY DSCI saw a sign that says China Visa (because we planned on doing a side trip there but it did not materialize) with an arrow pointing inside an alley. I followed the arrow expecting for some sort of travel agency. I saw sex toys, magazines with almost nude women, kinky costumes, and other erotic things on display instead. Plus this really cute baby whose parents owned the place. I asked permission from the mother if I can take a picture and she said yes (not the actual English word, just a nod with a smile). The really cute baby smiled at my camera and I squealed because of cuteness overload.

SONY DSCAfter eating dinner, Kirk and I picked up Rochelle from the airport because it would be impractical if all of us went. The rest went to a night market. I was really glad to see Rochelle. We decided to ride a bus from the airport to the city because the Airport Express was expensive.

SONY DSCWhen we arrived home, the others were still out and since Rochelle will be staying with us for only 2 days, we decided to make the most out of the night and roamed around Kennedy Town. We saw a public pool which was closed for renovation and we stumbled upon a park. Kirk took jump shots of us but they were all bad. I tried the monkey bars  on the playground but my arms were too limp. We went down the slides and rode those little ponies with strings attached to them. It was fun.

SONY DSCKirk went home first. Rochelle and I explored some more. We saw a really long flight of stairs and we challenged each other to climb it. We were so happy when we reached the top only to find out we were just halfway. We quit and just went home. A good nights sleep for tired people.


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