Touchdown, HK

Last year, out of nowhere, Rochelle asked if we wanted to go to Hong Kong for a 3-day vacation after graduation. Her dad will provide the hotel. We said yes but booking was dragged as the people who wanted to come increased. Actually, we were only certain that the trip will commence after everyone booked their flights. In the end, 3 days became 8 days because we went after Cebu Pacific’s promo. If you want a trip so bad then book a flight early so you won’t have any other choice but go, no matter the circumstance.

Now, how do you write about an epic 8-day DIY-cheapskate-first-time trip with friends to Hong Kong? I’ll try.

The adventure started at March 28 for me. We had to leave via the Disdado Macapagal Airport in Pampanga. Good thing Dai’s father arrived from Riyadh so someone can drive us to Clark. Dams and I just tagged along. The meeting place was Dai’s condo, call time was 11:00 pm. We left at around quarter past twelve.

SONY DSCWe had a stop over and we ate at Chow King because we figured the food inside the airport would cost an arm and a leg.

SONY DSCWhen we arrived at Clark at around 3 am, I realized that not all airports are open 24/7. An example is this one. According to a crew, the airport will open at 5 so we just took some pictures, bummed on the seats near Ministop at the Arrival area (where there are other passengers sleeping) and taught Edcel how to play Monopoly Deal.

SONY DSCWhen at last the airport opened at 5 am, we were one of the first people to enter. All the pre-departure thingies went by smoothly partly because it was a small airport and security’s not that tight. We found ourselves in the pre-departure area and we waited for Kirk, Jaq and Abi to arrive.

SONY DSCAt last the boarding for our flight was announced at past 7 am. The plane was 75% full so I was able to change seats and move in Abi and Jaq’s row. The flight was just an hour long but because I needed all my energy for a long day ahead, I slept (after taking pictures, of course).

At 8 am of March 29, we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport and the difference between the two airports were too much I won’t even try to describe. Thus, the adventure begins.



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