Remembering those MoA Nights

It’s Friday and I am stuck at home blogging away in front of Hugh (my laptop) because there’s a long night ahead. I am planning on not sleeping (I was absent for the review classes [again] and I slept all day) and finishing rewriting my notes to atone.

During the last semester in college, I had Dai for my dutymate in all rotations and we had 4 weeks of PM shift (2 pm to 10 pm). Being nocturnal beings, that worked for us and we found ourselves frequenting Mall of Asia after duty. Dams, who was also on PM duty at that time albeit in a different hospital went with us. We went there wearing the same clothes we wore for sleeping, which sort of gave us the feeling that MoA is just an extension of our bedroom, shared with hundreds of people.

SONY DSCThe good thing about MoA is that some stores are still open even after regular Mall hours. And the park is open till 12 midnight. And the crowd isn’t as dense late night on a weekday. And different live bands play in different places. Which is why “You’re a God” by Vertical Horizon always reminds me of those twice to thrice a week adventures (it was played on our very first night). This one time, we ate at Gilligan’s and we swore never to eat there again. The service was as bad as the food (no, we’re not taking the there-are-too-many-customers excuse).

SONY DSCAnother time, Dai craved for butong pakwan so we bought a pack in a sari-sari store near the seafood market. Then we stationed ourselves in front of a buffet place far off the mall. We just sat on concrete and happily ate butong pakwan while sharing stories about life and contentment (I remember that was the main topic that night).

SONY DSCThis one time, Gabe tagged along and we were ROFL because he wore a suit. Which reminded me of Barney. Anyway, we were making fun of him the whole night and he was cool with it.

SONY DSCWe rode the Ferris Wheel. It was nice because there was an air conditioner inside the cabin thoughย quite expensive at 150 php per person for one round but it was big and if, like me, you are not that afraid of heights, and are awed by lights from buildings at night, then go for it.

SONY DSCAfter that we ate at Seafood Island, boodle style, ordering our favorite Dapitan’s Pride which has liempo, shrimp, clams, laing, crab, tilapia, squid and one of the best fried rice ever. Good thing Gabe was not a picky eater because Dai, Dams and I were literally eating like a pig.

SONY DSCAfter that we played pusoy dos beside the bay and later, at Starbucks because the guard told us the park was already closed. Gabe was a pro and according to him, he never got lower than 2nd place during our game. I taught Dams how to play and beginner’s luck was on his side. However, he misunderstood this as being a pro. Hence, I was teased that the teacher was been beaten by the student. Anyare?

SONY DSCA reunion would be nice but Gabe is thousands of miles away. I have been relocated and I no longer live 5 minutes away (by foot) from Dai’s condo. Going to Taft avenue alone (which I believe is the gateway to Manila) will take me 30 minutes if the traffic’s not bad. And Dai’s brother is already staying here in Manila so sleepovers involving more than 2 persons is out of the question.

SONY DSCJust like what I read in Twitter a while ago, I guess that’s the beauty of memories, they stay the same even if everything else changes.


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