no. 73 – get my fortune read

It was March 20, 2012. We were having a sleepover at Abi’s place in Bulacan when we decided to drop by her mom’s fortune teller friend. You see, I do not believe in fortune tellers because I know it’s all in the mind. Besides, I’ve had enough of fake ones who roam around CBTL at midnight but I’m taking Abi’s words that this one’s the real deal.

I went first because I am brave like that, chos! She used Tarrot Cards and she’s cool because it’s as natural as it gets. No crystal balls, no weird gestures. Just her, flipping the cards and talking to you.

SONY DSCAnd I don’t know if it’s because I gave too much information but most of the things she said to me were sort of true. I actually already knew them, guess I just needed someone else’s opinion for confirmatory purposes. About the lovelife thing, tho, she was wrong because she said I’d meet him/her before March ends. It’s already May, still nada. On some other aspects of my life, she figured them right. What I want, why I do what I do and etc. I just hope the career thing will come true. It’s been 2 months so I don’t remember what else she told me but if they’ll happen, I’ll remember. Thank you po!

I was with Kirk, Nicks, Dai, Abi and Biancs. Dai do not believe in fortune telling so she was not impressed. It has always worked for Abi. I was too busy with my own fortune and Kirk, Bianca and Nicka were so secretive.

Anyway, I believe there is no definite future. I mean, it changes every time you make a decision, no matter how minute that decision is. And though there are things we cannot control, much of our life is still on our hands. In the end, no one is to blame but us.


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