no. 57 – reach level 70 in Farmville without cheats

I started playing Farmville in 2009. I remember being addicted to this nonsense game, clicking away planting crops and then estimating the time when they are ready to be harvested. A cycle that goes on and on. I didn’t know why I played the game in the first place. Sure, it was fun the first few times but you’d realize as with almost all Facebook games that it’s redundant and redundancy equates boredom. Maybe because it was the no. 1 game (2009) and almost everyone I know who happens to have a facebook account played it, even professors and clinical instructors.

While others used every effort to decorate their farm and to make it look pleasing, my goal was different. My goal is to go up that level ladder. I didn’t mind if my farm looked boring as long as I can get the most coins and XP out of every single purchase and harvest. Heck, I even computed the amount of coins needed to plant, the coins you’ll gain from harvesting, and the time required to come up with the most number of coins given that I’d only want to visit farmville once a day. And back in 2009, it was planting grapes. Which paid off because I was almost always in the top 5 among my friends.

Imagine my rage when one time, I logged in and saw I was not in the top 5 anymore because some of my friends, by means I am not aware of, earned thousands of XP overnight. Thousands that they jumped 30 levels and are already level 70 (which, at that time was the highest level in Farmville). After a few days, I talked to a cousin who was one of those and he told me there was a cheat. Hence, I had this on my BucketList. When nursing took its toll the next semester though, I realized I had more important things to do so I stopped playing the game for the mean time.

Then this year, when I realized I had a lot of time in my hands after graduation, I re-visited my bucket list and realized that I can finish the Farmville thing now so I played the game again after almost 2 years.

I guess people started being bored with the game, so the creators made it more and more complicated I was at lost after my hiatus. First off, there is now such thing as level 108 but I don’t care anymore since my goal is only up to level 70. Then there are arborists and farm aides who harvest your animals and trees. There are stalls. The changes were to much. I stuck with planting and harvesting.

The funny thing was, right before I became level 70, just one or two harvests away, out of nowhere, Farmville gave me a combined tractor which will harvest and plow and plant everything in one click plus 50 fuel refills. Hence, my last harvest in Farmville, contrary to the usual 1,200 estimated clicks, involved only 1. I laughed real hard because of my stupidity of putting this in my bucket list and at the same time, on the sheer effortlessness of my last game.

With that one click, I am now level 70. World Fair Champ eh. I estimated I clicked more or less a hundred thousand times during the whole duration of my FV career only to finish it with one? HAHA.

First I put all of my mastery signs in one place for a photo op with my farmer.

I then sold all of my belongings except the Philippine flag because that is one of the few things I bought using FV Cash and it costed me 16 of those. The stall can’t be deleted. Adios Farmville!

I was looking through files when I came upon something I wrote about Farmville back in 2009. ekkk.


What FarmVille Taught Me (a.k.a. panakip-butas sa kaadikan ko)

 FarmVille is my current Heroin. It is the only facebook app I use habitually. It became almost like an obligation more than a past time. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not pure waste because here are some things that the program taught me:

Patience. This is probably the number one. When you plant in FarmVille, you have to wait for hours or as long as four days before harvesting. You cannot cheat, you really have to wait. And it’s the worst part of the game cycle because you are so eager to earn money and increase your level.

Importance of Others. In the app, there’s what you call “Ribbons” for achievements. One of them requires you to have 50 neighbors or friends. It shows the importance of friendship. You cannot succeed in life without them.

Lending a Hand. In the app, when you help scare the crows or pull the weeds off your neighbor’s farms, you are given an incentive in the form of coins and XPs. Same as through with real life, when you help others even if you are not asking for anything in return, you’ll be rewarded, one way or another.

Charity. Another accomplishment in FarmVille (for the ribbon) is adopting ugly ducklings, brown cows and black sheeps. Yeah, this is pretty much the same as lending a hand. The ugly ducklings turn into swans, and the brown cow and black sheep’s products sell more than other animals.

The Value of Work. Yeah, it may only be a game but it tires the hell out of me. I am not a fan of tractors and seeders and harvesters which make the work easier because they’ll eat up my FV money (Am I speaking Alien? My apologies) so I have to click on my land one at a time and my farm is like 20X20 or 400 square units big. You also appreciate the value of the money you earn. Haha. I am currently saving up for a Log Cabin, it costs 250,000 coins. And after that, I’ll put aside my coins until it reaches 1,000,000 to buy the Villa but I need to be Level 34 before being able to. 8 levels to go. Haha. and I am looking forward to Big Ole Plantation (22X22) and Mighty Plantation (24X24), they’re still “Coming Soon”.

PS. Now, there’s a 32X32 plantation (as far as I can remember).


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