Stoop’s Bagnet Ilocos

I may be obese but believe it or not, I do not eat the lipid part of poultry. I only eat meat, the non-fatty part. That is, until I tasted Bagnet Ilocos a couple of years ago. Ever since, it is still the only fat-that-looks-like-fat that I consume, plus chicharon.

We even brave the traffic along Taft just to eat these artery cloggers. My favorite is TBA (talong, bagoong, alamang) because when in the mood, I can eat the eggplant together with bagnet and rice.

SONY DSCIt’s crunchy. It’s tasty. It’s fatty but not gross when you chew. At first glance you’d think the serving is small but I tell you, it’s just right. I can’t even finish the four pieces without feeling pain on my nape. It’s a guilty and unhealthy pleasure so don’t ever think of eating bagnet every day, not even every week. There should be a sign at Stoops saying “eat moderately”.

SONY DSCI remember last year, we had a Christmas party at Ken’s crib and someone brought  Bagnet. Together with Liempo and Isaw and alcohol, Ken ended up taking everyone’s blood pressure just to be safe because almost everyone complained of headache.

Another must try is their Dinuguan (pig’s blood). Actually, every food that hailed from Ilocanos are heavenly. Stoops also serve Ilocos Empanada (not a fan, veggies), Igado (pork tenderloin and pig’s innards such as liver, kidney, heart) and other Ilocano dishes.

My first ever Bagnet are with these awesome people. Back when we were still required to wear boknay.

SONY DSCAnd my latest was 3 days ago with these still awesome people.


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