One summer night at Banchetto

This was so last year but what the heck.

Was invited by Dams to tag along on their Banchetto food trip. Since they were attending the Feast at SM Manila and I had things yet to finish, I just followed at around 9 pm to our meeting place. When I arrived, we had to wait for Kirk who was impossibly late for almost an hour. To distract people out of their irritation, we took silly pictures outside the already closed mall. From the moment of the first camera click, I knew the night would be epic.

SONY DSCOne of the many piggyback shots – me and Giselle. There’s also one of Adams and me, me and adams, gi and adams, gi and ramm, me and ramm and so on but limited memory refrains me from posting all of them.

SONY DSCThe downside was Banchetto being far. Hence, money which should have been spent on food was handed to the taxi driver. By the way, Banchetto is a weekend night market slash festival of food somewhere in Ortigas. When we arrived, the place was jam-packed. As in there’s too many people you have to squeeze yourself in just to get a glimpse of the food on display. Imagine LRT on a rush hour and you have Banchetto on a Friday night. The place was full of foodies and pseudo-foodies. People who frequent the event and first timers. Lots of pictures taken to post on personal blogs, facebook profiles and other whatnot outlets.

There were lots of food. From main courses to desserts, healthy to borderline deadly. Burgers, kebabs, grilled intestines, cakes, pasta, oysters (one of the best!), lechon, almost any kind you can think of. There’s in fact, too many you’ll be confused on what to get. Also, you won’t have time to stroll at your own pace like in a mall because people will be pushing (sometimes shoving hard) you from all directions. A lot of human traffic. Just have fun and shove others as well (haha, just kidding).





SONY DSCIf you are the type who is satisfied without variety then you have no problem. But I am not and the sole purpose of going to Banchetto is to try as much food that I don’t see on a daily basis as possible so I spent more than my projected budget. It will be better if you have friends with you because then, you can share meals. Meanwhile, if you’re really tight (or just frugal), you can do what Dams and Roxy did and take advantage of the free tastes the different booths offered. While the rest of us were eating in the space that we were able to get on the stairs (don’t hope for a seat at the tables unless you arrive there at 6 pm), the two of them left and arrived after a couple of minutes chronicling their free-taste adventures. They were full without spending a dime.

SONY DSCWe decided to leave at around two am. We slept over at Gi’s place. It has been a norm in all sleepovers I have been to with different circle of friends that the first to sleep is doomed (remember those girl scout campings where you wake up with a sanitary napkin – unused – on your forehead and whiskers on your face? I do). In this case, it was Ramm. Huh, the punishment of getting some rest!

SONY DSCAnother compulsory cam whoring. (L-R) Gi, Roxy, Dams, Rani, Kirk

SONY DSCStill with some energy left to watch a horror movie. We saw the Coffin which was a bit lame although the trailer was promising. That’s why you should not trust those 3-minute videos.

SONY DSCHad an interesting conversation with Gi up to the wee hours of the morning about anything and everything while everyone else slept. The movie did make us yawn. Woke up after a few hours with breakfast ready. Thanks kuya Jo!

SONY DSCRamm and Roxy had to leave early because of school-related engagements. Meanwhile, JB, Dams, Kirk, and I bummed at Gi’s pad watching funny/scary/amazing/nonsense YouTube videos up to early lunch before deciding to finally go home. It was an awesome way to end April. Let’s do this again guys! And thank you very much for the company and hospitality Gi! :]



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