no. 8 – Spend a whole day eating junk food ONLY without feeling guilty

I bought my most favorite junks that are available at Robinson’s supermarket (forgot to grab Chippy, le sigh).

SONY DSCThe challenge started on Friday the 13th because I have 2 days off to do whatever I want without the thought of review classes.

SONY DSCGame face or rather, pa-cute face on.

SONY DSCWas awake the whole night. Watched and finished Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion while munching on MSG and salt. Bah, this was so easy.

Mr. Chips.

SONY DSCPotato Fries.

SONY DSCPiatos Pizza flavor

SONY DSCTortillos? Tostillas?

SONY DSCLay’s Salt and Vinegar flavor


Finished watching the series at 7 am of April 14. My mouth was dry (salt attracts water) but my stomach was still empty thanks to the lack of nutrients in junk food. They’re all artificial flavors and air. I was not able to finish Cheetos because I will become violent at the taste of another chip.

SONY DSCI realized that no matter how much you love junk food, you can never subsist on them alone, even for a mere 24 hours. So those who proudly state that they’d survive eating only these or any other one type of food for their entire lives are insane or better yet, stupid. I said that once and I am taking it back now.

I wanted real carbohydrates. I wanted real protein. I wanted any proper food, a bread will do so long as it does not come from a bag. I wanted to run to the nearest carinderia for a cup of rice but I still have 12 hours before the challenge ends so I just drank water, lots and lots of water. And I slept.

When I woke up, I looked at Gratus and I saw this.

SONY DSCFinally! So I went out and bought myself a decent meal.

I did not feel guilty but I am not doing this again.


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