no. 112 – Graduate in College

Because tomorrow, it will be two months since my graduation.

SONY DSCAfter 4 years of ambivalence and almost quitting, I am finally out of college. Now I am in a place of uncertainties. Come to think of it, it’s easier being a student than facing the world armed with whatever things you learned in school (or out of it). I am anxious especially when I read the words “School is easy. It’s what comes after that’s hard” from the great J-Zaf. I am not yet feeling theΒ hard part because fortunately for me, there’s the board exams. An excuse to postpone being a bum until August, when the results will be out. Still, I am both excited and nervous.

SONY DSCSpecial thanks to my parents who financed EVERYTHING from head to foot, from pre-school up to college, from basic necessities to hobbies.Β Also to Manang Tess who practically brought me up while ze parents were busy earning moolah.

page5To the brothers and sister (absent) for the constant amusement of our fights. :]

SONY DSCAnd most especially to God because it is only through Him that everything is possible. :]


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