Dad and Mom’s and the people I miss

Dad and Mom’s was recommended by Mikki because it’s where their family always eat when in Seaside. We tried the place when our duty group, dutylicious, decided to have dinner before graduation.

These are the lovely ladies I went on hospital and community duties with for almost two years. We are an all-girl group of different traits and characteristics but we managed to get along very well. (L-R) Mel the toxic, Beth the lazy, Jam the faithful, Mikki Pretty, Osang the energetic, Jen the bullied, Dannah the iyakin (HAHA), Ashley Bulilit and Tords the chill. I miss you loves!

dads-4We ordered Liempo for Tords (who was allergic to seafood but she still tagged along even if the mere breeze from the bay caused her rashes), Baked Tahong, Adobong Pusit (the best!), Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu and Tempura. Plus we requested Sinigang na Hipon with the heads of the prawns used for tempura (a good deal).


dads-6I enjoyed the night and Dannah was the apple of our eye. We reminisced memories from different duties, clinical instructors and patients. We laughed about the things that made some of us cry before (hello dannah! hehe). We paid 250 pesos each which was cheap given that we were really bloated and the food were all delicious.

Dad and Mom’s got my approval that on my graduation celebration, I dragged my family to this same place and I ordered the same food except I wanted Fried Tilapia instead of the Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu. The waiters were still kind and I am a sucker for hospitable staff. They refill your water even before you ask them to. And they take pictures without delay. Plus, I really love the double viand you get from Shrimps (head=sinigang, body=tempura).

SONY DSCI am currently staying alone here in Manila and though I very much enjoy having the room all to myself, I sometimes miss them especially during occasions that are tantamount to family gatherings like Mother’s day two days ago.

Back to Dad and Mom’s.

My aunt, who was present during my graduation celebration also liked Dad and Mom’s that she decided to celebrate my cousin Athan’s graduation dinner there as well. Same things were ordered plus mangoes for dessert.

Congratulations Athan and thank you Tita Pre!

Crabs were absent because (1) they are a pain to eat (2) they are expensive and (3) I don’t think you get the value for your money.


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