Yakimix and buffet rules

Yakimix Sushi and Smokeless Grill is a well-designed restaurant with nice ambiance. It serves a variety of foods (mostly Japanese) from sushi to fried chicken. It has branches on Greenbelt 3, Mall of Asia, Tomas Morato, Trinoma and Hobbies of Asia at Macapagal blvd (the one we went to).

The waiters were very attentive. The food was great (because I am a carnivore). The place was not that hot which was otherwise expected because of the grills. And also not too crowded. You don’t have to fall in line to get food and there’s plenty of room for walking.

I’m not sure about reservations (go Google it) and if you plan on just walking-in, make sure you arrive early or else you might end up waiting for more than an hour and you can kiss your appetite goodbye.

Just practice self-discipline. Don’t be too overwhelmed by the variety of dishes. Foods are not Pokemons so you don’t need to have the mentality to catch or eat ’em all.


Rule number 1 when eating at buffets: Never make the mistake of getting too much food especially if you’re not familiar with the taste. You’d end up thinking of the additional payment for leftovers instead of actually enjoying the experience. Just get small amounts of a variety since you can always go back afterwards. Take. time. and. chew. your. food. You see, food should be enjoyed, not endured.

Rule number 2: Don’t eat rice. In the words of Jaq, “You shouldn’t eat rice. They cost like, what? 15 pesos outside.

Rule number 3: Don’t eat at least 5 hours prior. You see, when I first ate at Yakimix more than a year ago, we were number 19 in the reservation list so we had to wait for more than an hour. We ended up eating at the Brothers Burger nearby because the hunger is unbearable (of course I’m exaggerating, we can last one week without food). The space the very delicious burger occupied in our stomachs could have accommodated more from Yakimix.

Rule number 4: Don’t drink too much water. There’s H2O everywhere while bacon and ice cream and cakes and kebab, nada.

Rule number 5: Be sure to bring friends who are supportive and fun to talk to. When you’re so full yet you feel you have not consumed your 580 pesos, you can laugh and talk for a while then you won’t feel so full anymore. Hence, you can eat again. One good thing about Yakimix: No time limit.


Rule number 6: Do not underestimate the power of sweets. When you’d vomit at the sight of another protein, get yourself a scoop of ice cream then you can take on those red meats and seafoods again.

Rule number 7: Follow rule number 1. Or else you’d feel bad for throwing your left overs lest you want to pay 699 pesos. You mutilated the food, you tried purging, you covered some with tissue and then stashed them in your bag…while doing these you thought of all the famine-stricken people in the world and you felt bad, just because you ate in a buffet. Ugh.

Rule number 8: For emphasis, again, follow rule number one. Based on experience, if there are 4 of you in a table and one has leftovers, ALL four of you will pay the leftover price. It’s not on a per person basis, my friend. Accept the hard fact. Inform your Yakimates. And if prevention was not effective, then go help them finish their freaking portions. In hindsight, it teaches us that friends should stick through thick and thin, food or no food.

Rule number 9: Have a pre-conference. Will you get your own food or will you go get food for everyone else? If so, what are the individual preferences and so on. This is extremely important. Once, I got food for four people only to find out we were supposed to get only enough for ourselves. I ended up cursing meat that day (only to revoke my curse the next morning). On another instance, I got only a small portion for myself but then, a friend arrived with plates-full of sushi for everyone. The thing is, I DON’T EVEN LIKE THE KINDS SHE GOT. We ended up paying for the leftover price.


Rule number 10: buffets are not for the faint-hearted (lest you won’t mind throwing away 580 pesos for the same amount of food you can get on non-buffet style places at a cheaper price) so EAT YOUR HEART OUT. :]


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