CBTL started it all

Just re-posting something I wrote on February 14, 2011. An ode to three people I never thought would be my friends. To three people whom I share so much in common it’s scary (especially the apathetic part). To three people who accepted my flaws and moodiness and gluttony. To the three peoole who are low-maintenance friends, no frills. To the three people who bombed my walls down. :]

This is how I want to spend all my night-before-weekends.

Bumming in a place with fresh air.

With good food.

With good friends.

With good stories.

With great laughs.

I am not a fan of places that smell of sweat. Where there’s too many people (read: I’m afraid of people). Where you are suffocated by cigar smoke combined with air-conditioning and whatnots (read: clubs). Where there are eyesore lights and thousand-decibel sounds. I value serenity and silence.

It’s funny how some people think bad of our friendship. Tords shared that a classmate told her we only go with Unts because she is very generous in treating us on restaurants and movies (to which Unts replied: Ha? Minsan nga nangungutang pa ako sa inyo eh). Well, you can die spreading the rumor. Bless you! Annnnnndddddddd…..THANKS to EDERS for the DRINKS and RANI for the FOOD. Just like what Tords said, we don’t need to explain. haha.

UNTS: di ko naman kayo lagi nililibre ha.

RANI: oonga. KKB naman tayo minsan ah.

EDERS: minsan si tords nanlilibre. haha

UNTS: nanlilibre lang naman ako pag trip ko. di niyo naman ako pinipilit ah.

TORDS: eh bayaan mo na sila.

UNTS: at tsaka kahit di ko kayo nililibre sinasamahan niyo naman ako.

RANI: teh, masyado kang affected. dapat nga kami affected eh. bayaan mo na.

UNTS: saan saan ko na ba kayo nilibre?

EDERS: Racks.

TORDS: Shakeys.

RANI: Pizza Hut. Holy Cow. McDo.

*nagkatinginan at sabay sabay na tumawa*

5 mins later:

UNTS: Masarap ba sa Italiannis?

RANI: oo. pinakamasarap na pasta.

UNTS: Italiannis tayo. *smiles* libre ko.

*nagkatinginan at sabay sabay na tumawa. this time mas malakas*

It’s nice to revisit childhood memories. And laugh about how gullible we were. Para kaming nakahits ng cannabis kagabi. Konting bagay tinatawanan. Religion. Rapture. Sex. Love. Illegal Drugs. Nursing. Schools. Politics. Gold. Vaults. Orphanage. Graduating. Coffee. Food. Kikiam. Silence. Future.

Our motto:Β Great minds talk about ideas. Average minds talk about events. Poor minds talk about other people. And we encompass all three.

PS. I don’t smoke. Guess who.

That night we made a pact. One, we will not suck the life out of each other. All acts must be done because of want, not because it is “required” by friendship. Two, attach at your own risk *wink wink*. Three, accept (not necessarily tolerate) the differences. The world is too homogenous for us to join in. And four, there’s nothing wrong with being alone (i.e. no forcing to accompany you to the bathroom). In Edra’s words, “hindi naman magkakadikit bituka natin”. Actually, this was not official. I just made it up now based on what I remember from last year. haha.

Long live, TLW. :]


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