Bistro Ravioli

We like pasta. We like pizza even more. And when we’ve suddenly had enough of generic pastas and pizzas, we go to Bisto Ravioli. We tried it out of curiosity, a new place on the second floor of Robinson’s Manila. After our first time, it became a habit whenever the craving visits us and we have enough moolah.

3-cheese ravioli. Edra’s favorite. The saltiness of the cheese is neutralized by the red sauce.

SONY DSCPancetta – Italian Bacon Carbonara. Not the best but still good. The sauce is not that creamy and I cannot appreciate the difference between Pancetta with, let’s say, regular bacon.

SONY DSCItalian Sausage and Bacon brick oven baked pizza, the epitome of Bistro Ravioli’s menu. I don’t know if they really have a brick oven inside the kitchen but it does not have the oily feeling you get from pizzas baked in a regular oven. We all love this one! The reason why we keep coming back.

SONY DSCPeople say if a place is jam-packed, it must be good. I prefer almost-deserted restaurants because I don’t appreciate other people eavesdropping in our conversation. Plus, the service is much much nicer when there are few customers around (though I hope the business is good for Bistro Ravioli).

SONY DSCThis is the menu from their facebook page.


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