Traveller’s Lomi Haus in Pangao

Lomi is a staple food in Lipa City. You can never say that you have experienced the place if you have not tasted Lomi. If you travel the straight road from Purok 1 to Purok 6 alone in Lodlod, 5 minutes will not go by without spotting a Lomi Haus. Heck, you can have 3 tables set outside your house, put a sign (Manila paper will do) that says you sell Lomi and you have a business.

It has been a tradition that whenever we come visit our relatives in Lipa, we’d go out and eat Lomi for breakfast. In the past, we’ve eaten in different places: the city proper, beside the church, in the public market and so on until one day, our uncles brought us to Traveller’s Lomi Haus. We have not changed venues since.

SONY DSCTraveller’s Lomi Haus is just a 15-20 minute ride from the city proper. Upon entering Pangao, you will feel the simplicity of village life (which I love) — no traffic (actually, not that many vehicles), no tall buildings. The place is still majorly agricultural with rice fields left and right. It’s kind of hard to imagine that this is part of Lipa City.

The Lomi Haus itself is almost unnoticeable. I have been there many times but If I were driving, I’m sure I’ll pass by it. The place is not for those who eat with their eyes. In here, flies are sometimes present, you go get your own utensils, you eat with people from all walks of life (i.e. neighbors in their dirty clothes, students, travelers and once in a while, people with nice cars).

SONY DSCLomi can be found and eaten all throughout the country (I think so). The way it is cooked is almost the same in all regions (my hometown included) but the thing that sets apart the one in Lipa is the lack of vegetables which is why it’s my favorite version. Yep, you read that right. Pure protein, carbohydrates and fats which, for a carnivore like me, is heaven because I don’t have to remove all the greens and oranges which takes a lot of time and effort. There’s thick noodles, delicious (though tasteless at first) broth, quail eggs, liver, pork, meatballs and my favorite, chicharon.

SONY DSCDid I mention that the broth is so thick you’ll wonder how much gawgaw is used?

SONY DSCCondiments are also available in the form of minced onions, sili, soy sauce and calamansi. You make your own sauce based on your taste. In the past, we can have as many calamansi as we want but economic constraints have put an end to that. When we visited a few days ago, we were informed that one can have a maximum of 4 calamansi per order. Note to self: bring calamansi next time.

SONY DSCPlus, the price is more than right. Special Lomi is only 45 pesos and it is already good for 2 (if you are not a hearty eater). Since we’re used to big servings, even my 8 year-old cousin Gian can finish one bowl. This is one of the best in terms of price-satisfaction/taste ratio.

SONY DSCDon’t go there on Tuesdays because it’s their rest day, “wala po tinda”. Ugh, now I am craving for Lomi.



One thought on “Traveller’s Lomi Haus in Pangao

  1. great article! I’ve been there myself, i think that Pangao Lomi House is the best lomi eatery in the whole Batangas – period.

    not only good food, but very clean too!!

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