Tree Top Adventure

From the entrance of SBMA free port zone, there are taxis that can bring you to Tree Top. The ride will last about 20-30 minutes and the payment is 150 php (from what I remember). Usually, drivers will give you calling cards so you can text them to fetch you afterwards.


SONY DSCWe immediately bought our tickets after arriving in the area. We chose Package F, which includes all the attractions namely: Canopy Ride, Canopy Walk, Superman Ride, Tree Drop, Silver Surfer, Interactive Free Fall and Trekking with Jungle Survival Demonstration for php 1,120 per person.

SONY DSCFirst off, we wore harness and helmets with the help of the very accommodating staff.

SONY DSCCanopy Ride and Walk: It is walking 4 suspension bridges and taking 5 motorized cable rides of up to 220 meters long and 100 meters high in the rain forest. It was more relaxing than adrenaline rushing (because I am not that afraid of heights).

SONY DSCAnd this is our very nice tour guide who tells stories raging from newly built industrial plants to the tree with the highest roots. One of the great things about Tree Top’s staff is their understanding of our need to take a thousand pictures.

SONY DSCInteractive Free Fall: It goes up and down and the knowledge that you are only hanging by a harness gives you the rush. It was a bit scary the first time you go up but after a couple of up and down motions, you start to enjoy (and even release your grip from the bar).


SONY DSCSuperman Ride: You are suspended 100 meters, face down and feet up, like superheroes when they fly. Since there’s 3 of us and it can only accommodate 2 at a time, Mel went alone first. Dai and I went together for balance. haha.


SONY DSCSilver Surfer: This is my second most favorite among all. Well, as usual you are suspended high. What makes it fun is that you rock back and forth while gliding. Sarap!


SONY DSCTree Drop: This is my most favorite. Just like in Tom Cruise’s movie Mission Impossible, you fall face down with your extremities hanging from a height of 60 or 90 meters (can’t remember).

SONY DSCMel went first and among the three of us, she was the calmest. Before us, two guys quit because they said they cannot do it. HA!

SONY DSCI came after and the feeling was unforgettable. First I stood while the harness was attached to a hook on my back. Next I held the staff’s hand. Then I stepped out of the platform and my feet were freaking hanging. At this point the staff, while holding my hands, sat down so that I’ll be horizontally hanging, facing the ground below. I held on to his hand like I was holding on for dear life but he told me to let go and pose for the camera on the other side with the OK sign. And without counting, without any clue, while smiling at the camera with my hands in an OK sign, I fell. All that I was able to do is shout curses and “mommy“.

SONY DSCLast is Dianne who shouted more curses than I did. hehe

SONY DSCWe conquered Tree Drop! Bragging rights meyn!

SONY DSCNext was the Jungle Survival Demonstration where we were taught how to make spoon, fork, plates, and cups from bamboo. Also, the guide let us taste fresh water from a certain kind of vine and it tasted like, uhm, really fresh water. He also taught us how to make fire from fiction.

page2We skipped the trekking adventure because it was getting late and we were too tired to walk the trail.

We enjoyed Tree Top very much. The staff are all commendable because they were all supportive and funny (especially Kuya Jasper, the one in Tree Drop). They will try to increase your anxiety by saying that they’re just trainees, unsure or unlicensed. But no worries, Tree Top is safe!


SONY DSCLearn more about Tree Top Adventure here.


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