Subic Fiesta Carnival and the unfortunate event

I love the colors and gambling games that make up carnivals but not always the rides. Before college, I was a coward, only riding the carousel and Ferris wheel. Times have changed.

We decided to leave Mardi Gras, go to the Carnival and come back when the density of people present in the festival decreases.

SONY DSCI was forced by Dianne to ride this. I was really scared because there’s no seat belt and you are just standing with a piece of chain in front of you. Being a novice, I got a bit nauseated when to Dianne and Mel, it’s as if nothing happened. Anyhoo, I survived. Why we love nauseous things, I don’t know.

SONY DSCDai, Mel and I rode the swinging boat. It was so much fun we rode again. Mel gave up after the second and I gave up after the third despite Dai’s insistence on a fourth because I am reaching my limit and am about to vomit.

SONY DSCBought dirty ice cream afterwards to suppress my nauseating feeling but it was not effective.

SONY DSCHence, while walking back to Mardi Gras, I found a stray plastic (from I don’t know where), ran behind a concrete post, and expelled the contents of my stomach.


SONY DSCAnd this is where I display my output for everyone to see. I love the feeling you get right after vomiting. The headache is instantly gone and it seems like you can do anything.

SONY DSCThank you friends for accepting me despite the stink! I love you.


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