SBMA Boardwalk + leaving

SONY DSCWent to Boardwalk, Subic’s version of Manila Bay.



SONY DSCThere were a lot of hotels in the area. We wanted a drink but they were too expensive.

SONY DSCThe air was warm even at night but the place wasn’t as humid compared to Manila so it’s fine. Also, there’s only a few living souls and the fear of being held up, robbed, and then possibly killed, is almost non-existent (almost because living in Manila has made that instinct permanent).


Best of all, the body of water did not have the Manila bay stench.

SONY DSCThank you Mel and Dianne!

SONY DSCLast night at Dai’s place. Ate Cheetos + Whipped cream (because the cream decreases the saltiness of the junk food, less suya.Β More fat though) while playing cards.

SONY DSCI will miss this water dispenser which is located just behind you while sitting at the dining table. No need to stand up for water refills plus it’s always cold. Simple things that I like.

SONY DSCThank you again Mel, Amiel, and most especially, Dai and family for the hospitality! πŸ™‚


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