no. 207 – Reach 10 million in Temple Run

Been trying to achieve the 10 million club objective of temple run ever since I started playing the game. I like it for its simplicity. Well, you just run, turn right, turn left, jump, and slide. Also, I believe it improves your hand-mind coordination. Lelz.

I did not have time to practice before because I didn’t own an iTouch/iPhone but since Gratus came along, I reached my goal in a day.

Now I don’t have the drive to score high in temple run. It’s human nature to lose interest once we already have what we want. And so, I play just to play — to kill time, to ease the boredom. In short, chill. I treated the game like what it really was, just a game and not a thing I need to be good at, not a contest I need to best others at. And my scores started improving, much more than 10 million.

I guess what Tito Meng and Dai have been saying must be true — I always want to win and so (1) I sometimes forget how to enjoy (2) I over-analyze (3) I lose (4) whether I tell it or not,  I am affected when I lose. Haha!


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