Carbo-loading at Coco Lime

Ate at Coco Lime inside SBMA for lunch with Mel and Dai. Packing up some carbohydrates before the Tree Top Adventure. hehe

SONY DSCHad Dai’s favorite refreshment, buko juice. She will always instruct the waiter, “Isa pong buko juice. Nasa shell po ba yun? (if yes) Patanggal na po nung laman, palagay sa lalagyan“.

SONY DSCOrdered their sisig which was forgettable. The only thing special was the lemon instead of the usual calamansi.

SONY DSCAssorted grilled seafood plate. The bangus belly was a bit dry. The shrimps were too small.  The squid was obviously singed. Disappointing.

SONY DSCWas about to regret eating at Coco Lime but this redeemer came along. Binagoongang baboy, the best I have tasted. Not too much bagoong, salty in the perfect kind of way. Sabaw pa lang ulam na. I want to eat there again and just order this.

SONY DSCThe waitress’ uniform was cute. Thank you for letting me take your picture!

SONY DSCI think these hanged paintings (or pictures?) are nice. The place was full because it was lunch time and most of the customers are families. Was not able to take pictures of the surrounding because other guests are getting the impression that I’m taking their photo and they are giving me a not-so-happy look, some turn away.

SONY DSCNow we’re ready for an adventureeeee. Mehehe



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