Xtremely Xpresso

As expected, despite our plan to wake up before seven AM, we left Dai’s house at 11 and arrived at Olongapo in time for lunch. We ate at Xtremely Xpresso inside the SBMA Freeport Zone.

SONY DSCWe ordered cheese and garlic Quesadillas which was too garlic-ky for my taste. I was not able to finish the food even if I love Quesadillas because the minced garlic are saying hello from all parts, too strong.

SONY DSCDianne had Salmon in Mango and some sauce because she said it’s the healthier choice (which was not my type because I don’t want fruits mixed with the main dish) and I had baby back ribs (not the best but still decent). Hooray for meat lovers!


SONY DSCFor drinks, we had Frappe Mochaccino and Frappe Coffee Cradle. I forgot which is which. Since I am ambivalent towards coffee and its bitter taste, I am ambivalent with these drinks.

SONY DSCContainer of their house water, which I loved.

SONY DSCSince Halloween was near, the place was amply decorated.

SONY DSCMost of the customers were foreigners and they ordered pizza. I guess that’s the restaurant’s best seller. Unfortunately, their servings were bigger than a Filipino’s average and Dai and I were sure we wouldn’t be able to finish it. Maybe next time when we’re with a bigger group.


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