no. 206 – extra ear piercing

March 20, 2012

Met up with friends at SM North Edsa for lunch before going to Bulacan for a sleepover. After eating, we accompanied Kirk to the Bead Shop to have his ear pierced. I don’t know what we were thinking because everything happened so fast but after a couple of encouragements and use of brute force (haha), all six of us had our ears pierced.

Fortunately, they use this gun-look-a-like for piercing. It pierces fast, less than one second. And as we all know, the faster, the lesser pain, the better.Β The piercing is free as long as you buy their product, 150 php for a pair of stud earrings. According to the packaging, they were sterile.

SONY DSCThis is me while the piercer (?) was marking my helix.

SONY DSCDuring the actual piercing with Hands Down by my side.

SONY DSCAnd it’s done.Β Parang kagat lang ng langgam.Β Ate is putting alcohol to prevent infection. The alcohol both stings and cools.

SONY DSCAfter the procedure, you can feel a very warm sensation in your ear because your blood rushes to where the piercing is. Hence, reddish in appearance.

SONY DSCCheers to our friendship pierce!



2 thoughts on “no. 206 – extra ear piercing

  1. Hi! I got my piercing din same as yours po and they used gun. In the 1st week I did’t feel any pain but a week after I already feel the pain and nag r’red at mainit po ung part ng may pierce. I want to ask what steps you do to lessen the pain. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Try mo kung effective ibuprofen (advil) para mabawasan pamamaga. Or better yet, consult a doctor. Baka kailangan mo alisin yung hikaw dahil nagka infection 😦

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