Shakey’s + Pangs

Dahil mahal na mahal ng tatay ko ang Shakey’s, tatlong gabing sunud sunod kaming doon nag-dinner.

The first night, we had Manager’s choice thin crust pizza, mojos and his one mug of San Miguel Draft Beer.

The second time, he wore the same shirt (to which Edra commented, mag-ama nga kayo) and we ordered High-Protein (or super protein?) pizza, mojos, carbonara supreme and two mugs of Draft beer.

By the third time, the waitress didn’t have to ask for our name for the reservation of seats and she mistakenly called Pangs “Sir Rani” thinking that it’s a dude’s name. We have my schwester with us and we ordered the family deal. Pangs didn’t drink beer this time.

And according to him, in the past, live bands played on Shakey’s stores which made it more ambiance-friendly for beer drinkers.

And I love the way the waiters say “thin crust pizza, there’s nothing like it” with their action after serving one of my father’s favorite food.

I got curious with the difference between draft and bottled beers so I consulted Google. According to this site, “Draft beer is a recognized form of fresh and flavorful beer on tap from a kegerator system…The major difference between bottled / caned beer and keg beer is the pasteurization process in the brewery. Keg beer is almost never pasteurized and that means the keg MUST be kept cold, but NOT allowed to freeze. And ultimately this is the way beer should taste; not from a pasteurized can. It is well documented that pasteurized beer is packaged at very high temperatures that kill the flavor of the beer

At dahil idol ko ang tatay ko, paborito ko na rin ang thin crust pizza sa Shakey’s! 🙂


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