Binondo food trip + no. 106 – eat frog

Decided to go to Binondo pre-Chinese New Year because I don’t like too many vehicles and I hate it when there’s too many people.

good thing the streets were not very dense

First stop, Shanghai Fried Siopao’s famous, well, fried siopao. When Pangs and I frequent this place during non-holidays, we don’t have to fall in line. That day, the line was very long we almost lost our patience. But we stayed because we love the siopao too much and I already promised Edra I’ll bring her one. She liked it. Β It costs 15 pesos a piece.

From what I observed, the Siopao is steamed and then fried. Contrary to what I first imagined when Pangs told me about the place (how do you deep-fry a siopao?)

Next stop, Lingnam Wanton Parlor and Noodle Factory. When I brought Pangs at Wai Ying, he was not impressed. He promised to let me experience better Mami. Hence, Lingnam. We ordered Beef Wanton Mami at 145 pesos. The beef was so tender and perfectly sweet. The noodle was not as thin as that of Wai Ying. The soup was heaven, real beefy taste and not Monosodium Glutamate.

Next is New Four Season Cuisine. We ordered Choma, Pechay and Tokwa. Choma was good but oily. I don’t eat the other two.

And we had Kiampong (Chinese fried rice with pork pieces and chives and nuts). It was good but I was not able to finish one serving because 1) there’s too much green vegetables and 2) I am starting to feel bloated.

Last is to scratch an item off my bucketlist. That is, number 106 – to eat frog. The place is beside a bridge I forgot the name of (Pangs, again, reminisced the 80’s when the place is jam-packed with people of all economic status). Frog legs is 120 pesos for small order. I had them fried. It’s like a combination of fish and chicken but I tasted something bitter in the vertebrae part.

In my mouth.

I love Binondo!


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