Wai Ying

A fastfood along Benitez street in Binondo, first discovered last year when Wu brought me and Tords there after our immersion.

SONY DSCThe food is good and the price is great. Plus, the place gives you the “chinatown” vibe.

First they serve hot tea. Unfortunately, we don’t drink these.

SONY DSCAlso, they have one of the best Siomai I’ve tasted.

SONY DSCAnd their fried wanton is a must.

SONY DSCI am not very fond of the roasted pecking duck but Chabs loves it. In their menu, the price is 1,100 pesos for 1 kilo but you can order 250 grams at more or less 250 pesos.

SONY DSCTheir mami with its super thin noodles is my favorite. At 100 pesos, it’s affordable because two people can share (trust me, I do eat a LOT but I can’t finish one order).

SONY DSCThe downside is that you have to walk quite far when you drop off at Binondo Church. Lest you have a car and you’re willing to go through impossible traffic. I prefer commuting, because it’s cheaper and healthier. Actually, we just don’t have a car. haha.

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