Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks

I prefer salty over sweet foods but I cannot say no to ice cream.

We ordered Mt. Everest, 9 scoops of Big Scoop ice cream topped with nuts, cream, chocolate syrup and cherries. They say it’s for barkadas but there’s only three of us and the plate was clean.

SONY DSCThe first time, we tried Green Tea ice cream and we didn’t like it.

SONY DSCThe second time we had the following flavors: Vanilla, Coffee, Ube, Cheese, Pistachio, Macapuno, Strawberry Fields, Banana Nut and Sesame.

SONY DSCUbe was so good Chabs and I even fought over it. Next is Vanilla which is my favorite flavor of ice cream. Third place is Strawberry Fields because I am a Beatles fanatic forever and it is not too sweet.

They also serve snacks but we were craving for Wai Ying so we only ate dessert. Will try them next time.


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