no. 7 – put snake around my shoulder

I’ve done this four times without even bulging on the first one.

First experience was as a high school freshman. We had some sort of fieldtrip at Avilon Zoo. Snake’s color is yellow. It’s cute. I have a picture but it is taken through film and I do not have a scanner.

Second try was in junior year. Girl Scouts’ Trek at Ilocos Region and by chance, I found myself in Chavit Singson’s Baluarte. Not yet digitally equipped at that time so no pic.

Third was in first year college. It was Manila Day, Manila Zoo has free entrance. It’s cool because I also got to carry a baby alligator and hug an ostrich and nest lots of parrots. Good thing a friend brought her camera so this one’s documented. Otherwise, you might think I’m lying.

aaaaaaaa (1)Fourth was during a family trip to Manila zoo. This one’s well-documented.

aaaaaaaa (2)It’s not that I am not afraid of snakes. I just know by common sense that the caretakers would not encourage us to hold their pets if ever they are dangerous. In short, it is safe. The animal won’t swallow me whole (rather, can’t because I’m too big). So even if they smell bad, I tried just for the heck of it.

First thing, they’re a bit heavy. Second, your heart beats faster when the head moves towards you and the tongue go in and out of the mouth. Third, they feel like rubber.

Just a side note: animals also need respect so please don’t throw them. If you’re really scared, please try to gently put them down. We’re all inhabitants of this world, you know.


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