no. 163 – read 100 books

My 100th book, without realizing it, is Nancy Drew Mystery Stories: The Hidden Staircase.

The book was fine although it was meant for kids. Nancy is too wholesome. Her life is too ideal (except for being motherless). She has a very handsome father, supportive friends, beautiful physical features, boys and everything else.

Of course, it was written for “young readers”. You cannot write that the world is a cruel place to live in and that humans are sinister when 10 year olds who think that life is a fairy tale are your major audience. But then again, I believe that young minds should be opened to reality. They should learn how to prevent their brains from being corrupted. Or brainwashed into thinking that the world and others exist to please them.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading the book but I think I am too old for it. How I wish I first laid hands on Nancy when I was in elementary. I should have read this first before Sherlock Holmes and Sidney Sheldon. I have been exposed to plots more twisted and enemies more capable of evil-ness and uhm, lead characters more disturbed.

I want blood! I want gore! I want sex scenes! I want conspiracy!

But I still love Nancy Drew and I’ll still try to read all her 56 mystery stories πŸ™‚


Since I’ve read 100 books in more or less 5 years (a shame, an average of 20 books a year)…I’m posting another goal. That is, to read 1000 books before I die πŸ™‚

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