no. 142 – Ice skate

June 15, 2010

My body hurts. Especially my right hand, elbow up because it’s the one I used for support on the sides since Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink has no freaking side rails. Also my feet, both of them obviously because I can’t freaking balance myself on the shoes. I can’t even follow simple instructions like left, right. Tilt, straight. Glide. Move your body forward. And a 9-year old named Daisy (who spoke to me in Japanese and I did not understand) taught me how to balance, one feet away from the sides so I can easily hold on for support. Still, I did not learn. I am a burden to my friends who were able to get their grip on the thing after 30 minutes.

My feet feel like they are still wearing those torture shoes. They’re very heavy and hard and balancing is impossible (for me).

I guess I have a problem with one of my cranial nerves (the one that controls balance), maybe it’s underdeveloped or something.

I suck at anything that requires stability or mind-body coordination. Biking, Skateboarding, Swimming, Ice Skating, Dancing. Name them,Β I hate them and they hate me.

And just an observation. Most of the people who frequent skating rinks are part of theΒ upper-class. The children speak english and they have UNIFORMED nannies carrying their Kipling luggage around.

Thanks Jaypol, Cza and Nicks! πŸ™‚


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