no. 136 – Spend in a day more than my weekly allowance.

February 5, 2010

Okay. I was alone at Robinson’s Place Manila. I was disappointed and confused then spontaneity said hi.

I started my series of purchases when I bought the quarter pounder at McDonald’s for lunch. 105 pesos. Followed by the freakin’ printing fee at Netopia, 24 pesos.

Trix and Dar asked me for an isang bote (or so I thought). I owe them 40 pesos for the alcohol and chaser and marty’s.

After we parted, that’s where I lost my senses.

Hello Lay’s was my drama. Lay’s salt and vinegar is my friend so I sought him at the supermarket, he cost me 108 php. (I just realized it was my first Lay’s for 2010! Rejoice.)

I was hungry and the Bar made my stomach hurt so I ate at McDonald’s. Chicken Fillet with Rice Meal at 50 pesos.

I was supposed to go home already and sleep (my head spins like a slow-mo centrifuge) but I realized that a good book would cheer me up so, off to Booksale. They have no Sherlock Holmes available, as well as the Two Towers nor the Return of the King. I saw at the cashier this 2 in 1 Sidney Sheldon special, available in all their branches. I inquired about The Sky is Falling since it’s the only Sheldon book I haven’t read. Unfortunately, it’s unavailable. I ended up buying:

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton for 70 php because I hear it’s a good book. And A Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi because I read the Dallas Morning News’ review, “If Stephen king were to try his hand at science fiction, he’d be lucky to be half as entertaining as John Scalzi” for 80 pesos.

I finished at around quarter to six pm but I still did not feel like going home. So I loitered at Burger King (just a few steps away from Booksale). I ate meal number 4, can’t remember the name. No veggies, barbeque sauce, bacon, cheese and patty for 135 php.

After BK, I do not know what struck me but I spontaneously bought new earphones. Yeah. I promised myself never to buy original earphones worth 500 plus pesos again because the Philips one my mother gave me did not last three months. My iPod is currently going by fake ones along Pedro Gil worth 50 pesos but the salesman irked me. I went to Digital Hub and asked to see the original Apple earphones. The salesman replied with the price with matching semi-mocking tone (1699 php) which greatly irritated me. I would have bought the Apple one but he said it wasn’t compatible with my iPod so I settled for the Sennheiser brand worth 719 pesos with one year warranty. In that ugly sales guy’s face.

If I were a foreigner, would he behaved that way or would he politely show me the darn earphones?

After the purchase, I still didn’t want to go home. So I bookstore-hopped between National and Powerbooks in search for The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Too bad it’s sold out on all branches. Tsk. I should have bought the first time I laid my eyes on it.

To make a somewhat long story short, I left National Bookstore with a combined receipt of 1,034 pesos for the 501 must-visit cities before you die and The Sky is Falling.

Today, I spent a whooping 2,365 pesos. That’s 31.39% more than my weekly allowance of 1800 pesos. Haha. My father would kill me if he finds out. My 2 weeks worth of savings went down the drain. Anyway, it was fun and it sorta increased my endorphin levels. Now I have a better understanding on why some people love shopping. Only, they buy clothes. I buy books, electronics, and food. 🙂


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