no. 133 – do post-mortem care

February 23, 2010

It was 3 o’clock or so in the afternoon.

I was gently removing the stain from 3 days worth of micropore from a baby’s face. I then pulled her hands so that it would fit her cute dress. The diaper was too big for her size. Still, I managed to make it look decent.

It feels nice to dress up a baby because even the way they struggle is cute. Normally, when you swaddle a newborn, you don’t cover the face. In this case though, I have to make sure that the whole body is concealed, including the face. After all, she doesn’t need oxygen anymore.

I then attached a bond paper with carelessly scribbled letters, RIP and so on. The worst part was putting the child in a box, sealing it with tape, and then letting it stay in one corner until a relative comes and gets it for the burial…

So says my first (and last) article for the InfoNursetion.


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